NAVIS specializes in executive project management for public sector and P3 projects.

Project management for municipalities projects

Our Specialty

NAVIS manages complex, high-stakes projects for the public sector, particularly in the placemaking and P3 space.

Your municipality or organization would be a good fit for NAVIS if you are exploring any of these scenarios:


  • Transform a declining corridor to an energized area with economic vitality and a sense of place; you need collaborative visioning to define the goals and what is needed to realize the ambition
  • Embark on conceptual planning and feasibility for a new public facility and want to leverage underused property assets


  • Facilitate a citizen task force for a potential bond election and need to develop a robust communication and education plan to generate support for the election
  • Develop a strategy to address a controversial issue and solicit/ integrate stakeholder feedback—get the right feedback from the right people at the right time


  • Find the right partner for a public-private partnership; you need to negotiate an agreement with mutually beneficial business terms, the appropriate level of risk for your organization and an approach that achieves your vision

Strategic Planning

  • The demands for a service are expanding, and you need to develop an incremental staffing plan that strategically grows the department to meet future needs, while remaining financially sustainable for the rest of your organization
  • Need to address challenges within an operational department and you want an objective outsider to conduct an evaluation and identify strategies for improvement

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